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While some of these handcrafted plaster tiles, 6 x 8 x1 1/4", are finished to a porcelain like quality, others are cracked with the look of weathered stone to create an aged look and feel. Each incorporates a unique chunk of history in a very modern way. With motifs ranging from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo, images from the Middle East, Babylon to London and Paris, art and music, mystic symbols, the Tarot, botanicals and board games - there are well over 65 tiles from which to choose. To further personalize your Memory Block collection, Sid has introduced 'Scribe', which is the alphabet and full series of numbers.

Coming Soon: The Rejuvenation Collection (Spring 2018)

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This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Sid Dickens Memory Blocks. While the designs and finishes of the tiles have evolved, Sid draws from the same themes that inspired him years ago and continue to do so today. This collection is a reminder of what used to be; giving life to making old new again!

The Spring 2018 Rejuvenation Collection captures life's small moments in slow motion: cherry blossom petals floating in the wind; a songbird ready to sing at the break of day; the zest of a sweet orange coming into season. The sentimental touch of a handwritten letter, a forgotten tradition of history, is resurrected alongside old images carved from stone. Lastly, Sid adds a piece to the Wordplay Collection to remind us of an attribute that connects us all - kindness.

The Spring 2018 Rejuvenation Collection is Sid's invitation for us to revitalize life after winter wear; to reflect on the past history and freshness of today's modern traditions.

Coming Soon: Special Occasions Collection

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Handmade, unique, and sentimental - the Memory Blocks are the perfect gift item.

With so many different images, styles, and meanings, it can be difficult for collectors and retailers alike to find the perfect gift suitable for an occasion or individual. To help with the gift-giving process, Sid has designed a collection of Memory Blocks inspired by the special occasions celebrated throughout the year.

This collection will continue to grow throughout the seasons.

Memory Blocks to be Retired (June 29th, 2018)
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