Sh*t Seasonings

specialshitThe Special Sh*t family of seasonings has just what it takes to add that extra flair to whatever you're cooking. We've got seasonings that are great on meats, in sauces, and even to keep on the table to spice up your favorite dish. We've also got a great BBQ sauce (not that thick, overly-sweet shit you get at the grocery store) that makes any BBQ special. And if you're looking to snack, we've got you covered with our Dip Sh*t dip mixes for fruits and veggies.

Available flavors:

  • BBQ Sh*t
  • Bull Sh*t
  • Chicken Sh*t
  • Good Sh*t
  • Special Sh*t
  • **NEW** - Hot Sh*t Salsa

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