Bonair Daydreams Greeting Cards

c105Bonair Daydreams is an inspirational greeting card line consisting of black and white photographs and inspirational quotes. This inspiring card line evokes warm feelings and captures special moments in time. These beautifully photographed images by Chrissy Ogden Marsh are intimate, human and fragile, making the ordinary, extraordinary.

From the Artist:
Bonair Daydreams was created in 1993. I spent years pondering the idea of starting a card line combining my photos and my collection of favorite quotes, but it took a deep tragedy to inspire action: My sister, Tracy, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. We were soul mates and her death was an incredible loss to me. I designed a Thank-you card for those who had attended the funeral using a photo I had taken of Tracy years before. It was a silhouette of her dancing on a rooftop in San Francisco (see card on right). This had been my mother's favorite picture of Tracy - it captured her essence, her love of life. The response of friends and relatives touched by that card was so overwhelming that I felt led to start an official card line.

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